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Heavy duty tyre sealant

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Heavy Duty tyre sealant for off-road plant & equipment

Heavy duty tyre sealant Heavy duty tyre sealant

DRIVESAFE products are specifically designed for wide range of equipment ranging from small parks and ground care equipment to the larger heavier industrial equipment operating in harsh working environments,  where punctures and other related issues are a regular occurrence resulting in costly equipment downtime. ​

Drivesafe tyre sealant is a heavy duty tyre sealant which is a gel-like consistency which makes our product unique from other products available on the market today.  Being a GEL compared to a fluid, our product contains special adhesives which make the gel adheres to the inner tread section of the tyre more effectively and remains in place for the life of the casing,  this is far more effective in the event of sustaining a puncture compared to the fluid-based products wash about within the tyre and most often wash away from the puncture wound resulting in deflation. Designed for commercial applications and off-road plant & equipment as an effective method of tyre puncture repair  
  The product is installed into the tyre via the valve 
when the wheel starts to rotate the product is evenly distributed across the inner tread section of the tyre where it applies a protective coating.  When a foreign object penetrates the tyre casing and passes through the protective coating the air pressure from within instantly forces the gel into the wound to form an effective flexible seal. By sealing the puncture as it occurs allows the equipment to continue minimising costly equipment downtime and loss of productivity.

  The protective coating applied to the inner crown section of the tyre has several benefits, this helps to maintain correct operating pressures for longer periods of time which helps to eliminate against underinflation and contributes to prolonging the serviceable tread life of the tyre and reducing overall operating costs.


combination of deep tread, long duty cycles, high speeds and surface friction all contribute to heat build-up in the tyres which are more prone to damage and punctures.

Eliminates additional heat build-up within the tyre due to surface friction by maintaining the correct pressure for longer periods of time. Underinflation is the underlying cause of excessive tread wear and rubber degradation with the tyre more prone to tread and sidewall damage, underinflation is often the cause of casing fatigue due to excessive flexing during the working life the tyre's casing, signs of splitting on the sidewall rendering the tyre unfit for purpose.



Drivesafe products are not affected by heat buildup within the tyre and do not dry out or separate after a short period of time,  this is a common problem with many inferior products on the market today.

  Drivesafe products are suitable for a wide range of applications ranging from Parks and Grounds care,  Agricultural,  Construction,  Industrial equipment through to heavy mining & Port material handling equipment.



  What will the product seal in the unfortunate event of sustaining a puncture will vary upon several key factors from the strength of the tyre casing or ply rating, the quality of the casing construction with this we refer to imported or premium brands and the overall integrity of the casing will determine the sealing capability of the product and lifespan of the seal, the product has the capability to seal what the casing can safely sustain without causing or masking any secondary damage. 

  Drivesafe products are water-soluble environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable. In the event of the tyre sustaining major impact damage, the product can be removed from the tyre with just water or by cleaning the area and preparing the area in the normal way to repair to the relevant industry standards.




Effective method of tyre puncture repair in plant and equipment on site installation service available

Drivesafe heavy duty PLUS+ tyre sealant designed for the heavy material handling equipment where tyres are subject to damage working in challenging environments.

Heavy duty PLUS+ tyre sealant Heavy duty PLUS+ tyre sealant

Drivesafe Heavy Duty PLUS+ tyre sealant designed for the heavier equipment where added protection is required in challenging working environments reduces equipment downtime.




Drivesafe heavy duty PLUS+ can be used as an effective method of puncture repair. This helps to significantly reduce costly equipment downtime as the equipment can be back in use within minutes.  Typical cost of treatment is normally less than the cost of 1 puncture repair, call 01527 510865  or email     sales@tyre-sealant.com ​

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