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Drivesafe Tyre Sealant ltd UK manufacturer tyre sealant for on & off-road applications

Drivesafe heavy duty PLUS+ tyre sealant

Drivesafe Tyre Sealant Ltd, a UK manufacturer of a tyre sealant designed to cover a wide range of applications ranging from on-road highway vehicles and heavy duty tyre sealant for off-road plant and equipment where equipment often operate in harsh and hazardous working environments where tyres are subject to damage resulting in equipment downtime. 


At Drivesafe tyre sealant Ltd, we have extensive tyre background in all sectors of industry, Drivesafe tyre sealant was developed back in the early 1990s after extensive testing in response to the ever-increasing demands of vehicle operators for a reliable and effective product capable of puncture prevention and blowouts in on-road and off-road commercial applications, highway applications and off-road plant and equipment.  After many years of research and development within the working environment in various sectors of industry, Drivesafe developed a product which offers a cost-effective solution to the problem.  Drivesafe tyre sealant has a product range for all sectors of industry which helps to eliminate costly vehicle and equipment downtime due to tyre related problems eliminating punctures and blowouts and has been proven in various working environments to reduce the overall tyre expenditure.  Over the years, our product has been rigorously tested in a wide range of challenging working environments from the extreme heat of the deserts to the ice cold conditions of the ice roads with exceptional results.   

Over the years, numerous products have entered the market with various claims on paper but in reality how the product works in the working environment is something different 


Drivesafe tyre sealant is a gel-like consistency which is installed into the tyre, as the wheel starts to rotate the product starts to distribute itself and applies a protective coating to the inner tread area of the tyre. This protective coating acts as a barrier which prevents natural air migration through the casing which helps to maintain correct operating pressures for longer periods of time which helps to reduce surface friction and lowers the tyres rolling resistance which in turn prolongs the tyres service life. 

At Drivesafe tyre sealant ltd, we manufacture 3 different grades of gel  designed for use in both on-road & off-road applications 

Drivesafe heavy duty tyre sealant designed for off-road applications from parks and ground care equipment, agricultural, industrial & construction equipment.

Drivesafe commercial tyre sealant designed for commercial applications suitable for use in general haulage to waste transfer,

Drivesafe highway tyre sealant designed for highway vehicles as a pre-puncture application designed to be used before a puncture occurs offering extended mobility in the unfortunate event of sustaining a puncture


Tyre sealant over the years has come under criticism from many bodies within the tyre industry due to the way the so-called products are marketed and promoted,  many are miss-sold under what is deemed as a permanent repair to a tyre.

As a manufacturer of a tyre sealant, we market and promote our product with safety first. By sealing the puncture wound whilst the vehicle is in motion helps to maintain correct tyre pressure, therefore, reducing the possibility of driving on an under-inflated tyre which could a high probability of failure due to excessive heat build-up or sealing sufficiently for the driver to pull over in a safe place off the road as many of the highways have limited safe stopping places 

All tyre sealants are classed as a temporary method of repair due to every revolution of the tyre the puncture wound will open and close on impact with the road surface. By means of a temporary repair the temporary seal has no indefinite lifespan, therefore the seal may last a week, a month or longer. Depending upon the damage to the tyre, it will determine the time period of the temporary seal as the tyre will deflate over a period of time when the vehicle is stationary this brings to the attention to the driver they have an issue with the tyre and needs to be examined and repaired to the relevant industry standard.

Drivesafe tyre sealant is a water-soluble gel non-hazardous, non-flammable non-toxic which can be washed out with just water unlike the other products available on the market.  Tyres containing Drivesafe products can be removed from the wheel with no additional special equipment and washed out for examination and repaired to the relevant industry standards if the casing has not suffered any secondary damage beyond economical repair.


  Even today the use of tyres cannot be avoided but the ever-increasing problems of tyre related issues ranging from punctures to blowouts can be significantly reduced by treating your tyres with Drivesafe products.
 Our customers claim Drivesafe products are far more effective than other brands of tyre sealants they have previously used in the past. They claim Drivesafe is far more effective in sealing tyres and seal longevity is longer compared to other products available on the market, some customers have been using the product for 25+ years which demonstrates how effective Drivesafe products are in comparison to other products available on the market. 


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Drivesafe tyre sealant was awarded the DTI Smart award for tyre safety and innovation, the prevention of tyre failure whilst travelling at high-speed enabling the driver to bring the vehicle to a controlled stop in a controlled manner. Contributor to road safety helping to reduce roadside wheel changes.





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Manufactured in the UK
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