Commercial heavy duty tyre sealant for extended tread life.


Designed for use in commercial vehicles,  suitable for waste transfer, recycling industry or general haulage sector our product has proven itself to be effective in reducing overall tyre expenditure and downtime of vehicles.

 Drivesafe commercial heavy duty tyre sealant is a gel which is installed in through the valve. As the wheel starts to rotate the gel starts to distribute itself and within a few miles, the product has applied a protective coating on the inner crown section of the casing which acts as a guard to prevent air loss in the event of a puncture occurring.
  The protective coating has several benefits as it prevents air migration through the casing, this also seals the casing against porosity leaks. This is a common problem associated with tubeless tyres over a period of time due to the high operating pressures and heavy loads they carry forces the air to migrate through the casing. The protective gel coating which is applied to the inside of the casing helps to prevent this from occurring and ensures maintenance of correct pressures for longer periods of time.  This helps to maximise full potential serviceable tyre tread life in some cases up to 25% and reduces the possibility of the casing being more susceptible to a puncture occurring due to excessive heat build-up retained within the casing or even a tyre blowout both of which can lead to costly vehicle downtime and subsequent unnecessary tyre replacement which may result in a missed delivery time slot.  

In the event of a puncturing object penetrating through the casing and passing through the protective layer on the inner tread section of the casing the air pressure within forces the protective gel into the puncture wound to give an effective flexible seal from inside. Effectively it becomes a self-sealing tyre offering extended mobility in the event of a puncture.  By sealing the puncture wound instantly,  this helps to maintain the correct operating pressure and eliminate additional heat buildup within the casing as a result of operating under pressure. 

 Excessive heat build-up within the casing from operating below operating pressure increases the tyre's rolling resistance. This in return increases the amount drag the tyre has along the road surface which can have an impact on the overall vehicle's fuel consumption over a period of time by an average of 3-7% per vehicle.

 In the event of a large puncture occurring the product is designed to deflate slowly, this allows the driver to bring the vehicle to a stop in a controlled manner and possibly eliminate a blowout situation occurring.     Treating tyres with Drivesafe products is a cost-effective solution than buying premium grade tyres with a similar product built into the casing.   Probably more effective as tyres with built-in sealants have their limitations with manufacturers claiming they can be repaired but most often this is difficult and time-consuming.      An essential product for today's transport and general haulage industry where ever-increasing demands are placed upon the company to deliver the goods promptly.   Late deliveries can have an impact on vehicle schedules with perishable loads being rejected.   

 The use of Drivesafe commercial heavy duty tyre sealant has several benefits...    The protective coating maintains operating pressures for longer periods of time, this reduces additional heat buildup within the tyre which has an overall impact on fuel consumption.  
 Helps to increase retread ability of the tyre casing by avoiding run-flat damage, and expensive downtime of vehicles with additional, call out charges with subsequent tyre replacements and late delivery of goods.  
 Drivesafe products will last the serviceable tread life of the tyre.    
 Drivesafe products are environmentally friendly if the casing has suffered major impact damage the solution can be washed out with just water and repaired to the relevant industry standards.    
 With the ever-rising costs of tyres, using our products customers to date have seen a significant reduction in tyre expenditure and vehicle downtime.  

 Drivesafe products are not affected by heat build-up within a tyre,  therefore, the product will not break down / separate like other products available on the market.    
 Drivesafe products will seal what the casing can safely sustain,  this varies in different ply rated tyres but on average will seal 8mm in the repairable crown area of the casing.    
 Drivesafe products are a cost-effective solution to prolong tyre serviceable tread life and minimise expensive downtime and subsequent tyre replacement at the roadside.    Our products are fibre free,  products containing fibres bind together and ball up within the tyre over a period of time and become ineffective with poor sealing capabilities.  
 Drivesafe products will not corrode your wheels, unlike certain other imported products.    
 Drivesafe commercial tyre sealant has proved itself within the waste industry, where tyres are subject to damage due to their working environments.  End users have seen a significant reduction in tyre expenditure with reductions of between 30-40% with punctures virtually eliminated with vehicles being more productive due to downtime kept to a minimum.   





Heavy Duty Tyre Sealant suitable for use in commercial vehicles on & off-road applications available by the pallet for the small to large fleets at discounted prices please email..:

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Drivesafe commercial tyre sealant suitable for general & heavy haulage, waste transfer and emergency response vehicles.

Drivesafe Commercial tyre sealant has been tested in the working environments for and behalf of Michelin tyre contracts within the waste industry.

Company Biffa waste services operating 6 ejector trailers running from a waste transfer station to various landfill sites.  Previously the 6 trailers in question suffered regularly with tyre related issues on a daily basis which resulted in costly downtime for the company.

All 6 trailers were fitted with new tyres and the tyres treated with our commercial tyre sealant installed by ourselves.  The initial trial period was set for 3 months to which there was no reported incidents logged,  this reduced vehicle downtime significantly and productivity increased. The tyres then ran for the serviceable tread life with no further issues.

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