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Drivesafe tyre sealant the industry's preferred choice for tyre protection.



Drivesafe C-lant Ltd UK manufacturer of tyre safety sealants. 


Drivesafe C-lant Ltd UK manufacturer of a tyre safety sealant designed to cover a vast range of applications ranging from road highway vehicles through to off road plant and equipment,  where tyres often operate in harsh and hazardous working environments leading to tyre related downtime issues.


Drivesafe tyre sealant set the benchmark back in the late 1990's where other products have their limitations of use and still have today.  Over the years, our product has been refined and constantly updated to stay ahead of current products available on the market today.


The use of tyres cannot be avoided but the nuisance of tyre related issues ranging from punctures to blowouts can be significantly reduced by treating your tyres with Drivesafe products.  


Drivesafe tyre sealant was developed back in the early 1990's after extensive testing in response to the ever increasing demands of vehicle operators for a reliable and effective product capable of preventing tyre deflation in road and off-road plant and equipment.  After several years of research and development within the working environment in various sectors of industry we developed a product which works,  our products range helps to eliminate costly vehicle and equipment downtime due to tyre related issues due to the nature of various working environments where tyres are subject to damage.  Over the years, our product has been rigorously tested in various working environments and in extreme, range of working temperatures with exceptional results.  


Drivesafe products are non-toxic,  non-hazardous,  non-flammable and require no special certificates for transportation by air, sea or road.  Environmentally friendlier products which can be removed from the tyre with just water and a repair can be carried out to the relevant industry standards.  


Tyres containing Drivesafe products can be handled and removed from the wheel in the normal way with no adverse effect upon the wheel or the tyre.


Some existing users are still benefiting from the product previously installed over 5 years ago on various pieces of equipment. Many  have seen a substantial reduction on tyre expenditure within that period of time,  along with equipment downtime due to tyre related issues.  

Our customers claim Drivesafe products are far more effective than other brands of tyre sealants they have previously used in the past. They claim Drivesafe tyre sealant is far more effective and stops tyre related issues,  some customers have been using the product for 20+ years which demonstrates how effective Drivesafe tyre sealant products are. 








Drivesafe tyre sealant reliable tyre protection,  available direct from the manufacturer shipped to a Port of your choice at wholesale prices.

Email. , Contact +44 (0)1527 510 865

Drivesafe tyre sealant was awarded the DTI Smart award in 1998 for tyre safety and innovation for prevention of tyre failure whilst travelling at speed enabling the driver to bring the vehicle to a controlled stop in a controlled manner.





Manufactured within the UK

Drivesafe products are manufactured within the UK by Drivesafe C-lant ltd company number 5724215

VAT number 171920611

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Heavy duty tyre sealant

**Buy direct from the manufacturer for best prices shipped to a Port of your choice,  call or email for details**

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Tyre puncture prevention car pack.

Suitable for the family car 1 pouch per wheel.

Heavy duty tyre sealant for parks and grounds equipment

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