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Heavy duty PLUS+ tyre sealant designed for small tube applications

tyre_sealant_tubed_tyres.jpeg BICYCLE TYRE PUNCTURE SEALANT

Tube and tubeless tyre sealant designed specifically for bicycle tyres.

This grade of product is of a thicker consistency and is designed to cling to the inner tube or tyre and applies a protective coating. In the event of a puncture occurring and passing through the protective coating within the tube or tyre, the air pressure inside the tube / tyre instantly forces the gel into the hole to give a seal.  More effective than fibre based products which tend to be a very mobile solution (watery) which wash away from the puncture wound resulting in poor sealing capabilities.

Like all our products within our range, it is environmentally friendly and can be washed away with just water.


This product is also suitable for use in tubeless bicycle wheels and ride-on lawn mower tyres and other small implement tyres.



Available in 330ml spout pouches for ease of installation.


Tube type tyre sealant is suitable for...


Mobility tyre sealant for mobility scooters 2 tyres per spout pouch.


Bicycle tyre sealant 2 tyres per 330ml per spout pouch


Wheelbarrow tyre sealant 1 standard 330ml per spout pouch


Scooter tyre sealant 2 tyres per standard 330ml per spout pouch


Heavy duty PLUS tyre sealant suitable for asmall tube applications such as bicycles, mobility scooters, wheelbarrow &  small agricultural equipment.

Typical wheelbarrow inner tube with over 120+ punctures

tyre_bead_rim_sealer.jpeg TYRE BEAD / RIM SEALER




This product is designed for use on any tubeless wheel from a car,  motorbike and commercial wheels to multi-piece wheels that suffer from tyre bead leaks due to a poor seal.


This product is very effective on car alloy wheels that after a period of time the wheel corrodes and suffers from leaks around the tyre bead. The product is designed to be applied between the tyre bead and wheel rim, re-inflate the tyre and as the bead pops onto the wheel the product forms a seal which lasts until the tyre is removed. Excess product can be washed off with just water.


Off the road multi-piece wheels, apply the product around 1st flange then assemble wheel together. Then apply product when fitting the O-ring, this area is always prone to leaks due to O-ring being pinched or over stretched or incorrectly fitted. If used correctly, the product will seal the area.  Product is more effective than the use of fitting paste or gease




Our product is available in either...

250ml bottle suitable for car alloy up to 19"

500ml bottles suitable for 2 car alloys up to 19"

1-litre bottles for the larger car alloys or for sealing large multi-piece off the road tyres available in 25-litre drums.



Alloy wheel bead sealer
OTR tyre fitting
Heavy duty tyre sealant

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