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At Drivesafe tyre sealant Ltd, we have extensive tyre background along with experience within the tyre sealant industry since the early 1990's.  Over the years, numerous products have entered the market with various claims on paper but in reality how the product works in the working environment is something different.



Tyre sealant over the years has come under criticism from many bodies within the tyre industry due to the way the so-called products are marketed and promoted,  many are miss-sold under what is deemed as a permanent repair to a tyre.

  Tyre sealant itself has a vast range of applications from highway passenger and commercial vehicles in the pre puncture treatment through to all aspects of plant and equipment which often work in harsh and hazardous working environments where tyres are subject to damage resulting in costly downtime
  A tyre sealant is a solution / gel which is installed via the tyre valve either pre puncture which is before the puncture occurs or post puncture which is once the tyre has suffered a puncture.


The products today which are available vary significantly from environmentally friendly solutions to liquid latex. Certain claims what some manufacturers make are somewhat miss leading.


A tyre sealant is a solution / gel which once installed into the tyre coats the inner tread area and applies a coating.  In the event of a foreign object penetrating the tyre casing,  air pressure forces the product into the wound to give a temporary seal.  All tyre sealants are classed as a temporary method of repair due to every revolution of the tyre the puncture wound will open and close on impact with the road surface. 

  What is defined as a permanent repair within the tyre industry is the tyre removed from the wheel and the tyre visual inspection is carried out internally.  This is for any signs of damage to the casing not seen from the outside.  In the UK, a permanent repair is to BSau159


By stating a tyre sealant is a permanent repair on highway vehicles it is classed as an unauthorized modification to the original design and function of the tyre and no manufacturer will accept liability for tyre failure if the product masked secondary damage.


As a manufacturer of a tyre safety sealant,  we market and promote our product with safety first.  Our product is marketed as an Anit-Deflation-Tyre-Safety-Solution which is a solution installed into the tyre and is designed to seal as the puncture occurs.  By sealing the puncture wound, instantly helps to maintain correct tyre pressure.  This helps to eliminate any additional heat build up from running under pressure which could possibly lead to tyre failure due to excessive heat within the tyre is the number killer in tyres.
By means of a temporary repair the temporary seal has no indefinite life span,  therefore the seal may last a week,  a month or longer.  Depending upon the damage to the tyre, it will determine the time period of the temporary seal as the tyre will deflate over a period of time when the vehicle is stationary.  This brings to the attention of the driver they have an issue with the tyre and needs to be examined and repaired to the relevant industry standard.

Drivesafe tyre sealant can be blended accordingly to suit the application and area the product is being used within.  This is where we can blend the product to suit the different terrains. 


Drivesafe is a water soluble solution which can be washed out with just water unlike the aerosol products or products supplied with modern vehicles without a spare wheel.  These other products render the tyre scrap once used due to latex having an adverse effect upon the inner lining resulting in a costly replacement.




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